Big Update: Improved Tutorial, Button Display, Title Screen

Hey hey,

this update is a big one. Also a lot has changed since the first release here on itch, so I am opting for a major update this time.

New Title Screen

Huge thanks to everyone who gave feedback and suggestions here, on reddit and twitter. Special thanks to Fredrik Svanholm who was huge help and very patient with me :) Please check out his stuff!

I reworked the colors a lot and added some movement to the tree and to the little guy. Everything can still be improved, but I am very happy for now. The before and after is really shows what a big difference it all makes:

Tutorial Improvements

A lot of you said, that it is sometimes very unclear what you are doing wrong when trying to hit combos. In an attempt to makes things more clear I changed up how buttons are displayed and added a preview of the timing you are supposed to aim for. Overlapping buttons now indicate single moves that need to be pressed relatively fast after another. If you are too slow with your inputs it will show in the input history by displaying a gap between buttons. I hope this makes things more clear and gives the incentive to practice the correct timing.

Change Button Display

The eagle eyed among you may have spotted it already in the gif above: Xbox buttons are here! Initially I wanted to use Unitys new input system to automatically detect which device you are using, but it seems it can't do that (if I am wrong please let me know). So I went with another solution which brings its own benefits. In the beginning of the game (and later in the pause menu) you can choose between Keyboard,Xbox and PlayStation buttons. The game doesnt care what you are using. It only changes what is displayed on screen. 

New Intro

I added an homage to old HongKong cinema with a little company intro. It cant be skipped (yet), but I promise I will add that feature :) Start the game, see for yourself.

And no, my company is not really called "fake company". 

Small stuff

I implemented Unitys pixel perfect camera to eliminate some of the weird artifacts and also moved some stuff around in the levels to help with that. The tutorial also shows a little ghost when you are supposed to switch sides at one point.

Give the demo another spin, let me know what you think and say hi on twitter, reddit or come by and join the discord :) 

Thank you all for your support so far :)

PS: I could also upload the game for you guys to download instead of being played in the browser. Let me know if you want that.

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