Demo Update: New Moves & New Music

Hey there,

new dev update with an updated demo! Let's dive in:

New Collaboration

As mentioned in the last update, some people messaged me about collaboration. One of them is Adrian Navarro, who has already written two awesome songs for the game. One of them is featured in the latest build and will play in the first area, where you train with your master. Give it a listen and also don't forget to check out his other stuff:

Adrians bandcamp and 

his YouTube channel  

New moves

I am experimenting with new moves to make the combat more interesting and dynamic. You can see what I've been up to in this gif:

A sort of roll-over move, that doubles as an attack against an enemy behind the one you are rolling over AND an attack that can hit enemies behind you.

Since they're not perfect yet, they are hidden for now. But if you want to play around with them, you can find them in the bamboo forest area. Just hit the big boulder with any attack and bring the items back to your master.

I also added a new stumble animation to the blue enemies (also shown above), that plays when you hit them with a knockdown move (or perfect input move). Really happy with how they turned out. I think it adds a lot.

Small things

  • Backwards dash now travels a shorter distance. This should make positioning yourself during training easier.
  • Added Sound effect and message when recieving the item from the teastand
  • Running into enemies head on now knocks you down
  • Reworked movement (sometimes the player gets stuck, might have to revert to old system)

I am thinking of adding a sort of sandbox mode to the demo in the future, so that you can play around with all moves and spawn in enemies as you like. Also would make it easier for you to quickly test new changes, without having to play through the story. What do you guys think?

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